The Four Agreements Personal Freedom

« During our training or domestication, we learn to take everything personally. We think we are responsible for everything. I`m still me! What others do is not because of you. It`s up to them. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz is a wonderful book for stress management and personal growth. It is written in simple language, but deals with complex topics that can help you make far-reaching changes in your life. Points to Be Aware Of: Taking this advice to an extreme can make you ignore your intuition about people or common sense about the behavior of a person who harms you personally. It can also open you up to manipulations if you train yourself to believe the explanation of someone`s negative behavior instead of judging the behavior for yourself. An example of this in action might be, for example, not believing that you are being deceived if your partner shows erratic behaviors and classic signs of infidelity, but he or she categorically denies faults. We accept all these ideas because we make agreements with ourselves and with the world.

We create an inner judge, and that judge judges and punishes us constantly if we do not live up to our agreements. In this trial, we create the guilty victim and we are always punished. The structure of the four chords is like an oreo: the chords are wedged between spiritual leadership and thought. At the beginning of the book, Ruiz begins with a Toltec mythology and the introduction of the term « the dream of the world »: it is an important condition for understanding the meaning of the chords themselves. If we do our best, both in terms of compliance with the four agreements and the actions we are taking in the world, we can be really happy. « If you live without fear, if you love, there is no room for any of these emotions. If you don`t feel any of these emotions, it makes sense that you feel good. If you`re feeling good, everything`s fine around you. If everything`s great around you, everything makes you happy. You love everything around you because you love yourself. Because you are the way you are, because you are satisfied with yourself.