Type Rating Agreement

Can I integrate the type assessment program into other training courses? There is a myth that a loan is unenforceable. If one considers the basics, a loan contract is nothing more than a contract between two parties, in which the pilot agrees to stay with the company for a period of time, in exchange for obtaining a value (a type of rating), so that the employer obtains the reduction in the investment he has made. On the face of it, a loan contract will be legally binding and therefore enforceable in the event of a breach of its terms. Student transportation is provided for mandatory travel and pickup is at the Academy, other pick-up locations can be arranged on the basis of basics and agreement on a case-by-case basis. SAA provides free transportation during training or mandatory travel and can provide specific pick-up locations during these periods. Instructors and students can also arrange their travel arrangements with instructors or private transport of students, if this corresponds to both parties on the basis of the instructors` agreement. As we all know, the purpose of borrowing is for the employer to protect their investment. The normal process is for the employer to « pay » for the employee`s type assessment. The employee is hired for a period of two to three years, with a reduction in liability for the amount during that period. At the end of this period, the employee is no longer financially responsible. The type qualification required by flight pilots to fly certain aircraft usually costs up to $30,000 in advance.

Since many of the airline`s candidates come from Boeing 737 operators with lower salaries, many quality candidates cannot afford to follow their ambitions to join easyJet. London, Monday, September 4, 2017 – Faced with growing concerns about the prohibitive cost of qualifying for pilot type assessment, the first low-cost airline easyJet presents a welcome solution. There are very few valid reasons to question the applicability of a loan contract. Non-compliance with the training (without the pilot`s fault) could be argued and the exorbitant training costs could help reduce liability, but not eliminate it completely. easyJet now aims to restore balance. The new Type-Rating Sponsorship Scheme (TRSS) aims to remove this financial barrier for type evaluation and to open untyped captain positions to those for which they were previously inaccessible. The best advice if you want to go while you have a loan contract is to try to negotiate a reduction in your liability.